Aug 19

August 6, 2019

Challenging rateable values of council owned property – why do it?

By Roger Messenger / Rateable Value

It’s easy to forget that Billing Authorities are themselves subject to rateable values on the numerous properties they own. Typical...

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Jul 19

July 22, 2019

Missing Assessments: Top 5 reasons properties are missed off or undervalued on the Rating List

By Stephanie O'Neill / Missing Assessments

With over 1.9 million non-domestic rateable properties in England and nearly 1,000 different classification of property types on the local...

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Jul 19

July 15, 2019

How to improve the accuracy of your losses on appeals forecasting

By Alistair Townsend / Forecasting

The practice of forecasting for losses on appeals within Billing Authorities has been in place since rates retention came to...

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