The most comprehensive service available

There’s no other combination of valuation expertise and technology available on the market that delivers results like ours.

Forecasting for rates retention.

  • Future loss on appeal.
  • Fully evidenced notional valuation of prospective new builds.
  • Including free advice on property classes under national litigation.

Increasing yield.

  • Identifying missing and undervalued properties.
  • Identifying and managing Renewable Energy elements.
  • Reviews of reductions affecting yield.
    • Reliefs, such as Small Business Rates Relief etc.
    • Exemptions, such as empty properties etc.

Management of Completion Notice process.

  • Including dealing with challenges and evidencing determinations.

Online client portal to manage and report on cases.

Free bespoke training on various aspects of Rating and Council Tax.

Free quarterly WHE Newsletter – including latest case law, legislation and articles.

Free access to Helpdesk, providing full advice and support on all aspects of rating.

  • Repair
  • Unit of Assessment
  • Risks from Impairment
  • Major infrastructure works
  • Town Centres
  • Material Changes
  • Avoidance
  • Rateability
  • Rateable occupation / Liability
  • S44A
  • Reliefs and exemptions
  • All aspects of collection and enforcement

Free regional client seminars covering the latest changes in rating.

Fully managed

Whether you are a team of one or twenty, we’ll remove the pains of your revenue assurance tasks and planning.

A service designed to reduce resource requirements of authorities and pools.

From identification, to evidence gathering and inspecting, to completing e-BARs to calculating value / creating notional valuations of future properties.

Fully managed correspondence with ratepayers.

Fully managed process to respond to audit queries.

Continuous monitoring of temporary alterations.

  • Ensuring properties re-enter rating as soon as possible.

Automated process for bi-directional communication with clients.

  • Online client portal, allowing for full transparency and reporting.
  • Managed and automated process for clients to report case changes.

Monitoring and application of effects of national property class adjustments.

Central List fully monitored to ensure immediate reports for entries in Local List.

Fully managed relief and exemption reviews, including:

  • Third party data analysis and review.
  • Fully managed correspondence and ratepayer contact.
  • Fully evidenced assurance of all reliefs and exemptions.

Delivered by experts

Backed by hundreds of years of experience and with a unique “check, challenge, appeal” model, our team is the best in the business.

Each client supported by a team with over 200 years of valuation experience.

The only approach to successfully dealing with as yet unknown appeals under Check, Challenge Appeal.

A service underpinned by data, but driven through expertise.

Saves money

Get absolute certainty on fees, reduce costs and find new efficiencies, even in under-resourced teams.

We don’t just report information to clients, we examine, identify, evidence and report direct to the Valuation Office

The added value services we provide reduces the cost to the authority

Reduces client team and resources

Enjoy added value with free support on returns and queries, plus access to our powerful online reporting tools.

An end to end service

  • Each case is dealt with from identification, to entry in the list without requiring client resource.
  • All forecasting includes free support on returns (NNDR3 etc) and free audit query responses
  • Bespoke client portal provides numerous, fully transparent reports for clients to run at the touch of a button

Much more than just software

Get absolute certainty on fees, reduce costs and find new efficiencies, even in under-resourced teams.

Not only a market leading client portal, but a solution designed to provide expert assistance in every aspect of rates retention.

Most comprehensive data available, combined with unrivalled expertise and personal case management.

From finding missing or undervalued properties to inspecting, evidencing and completing e-BARS and supporting evidence (plans, photos, etc).

In the absence of data under CCA, provides the necessary expert assurance for forecasting purposes.

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