National Rating Day: Mitigation of Empty Rates: June 17 2021



The National Rating Day has come of age – 21 years in the making.  But it has been a must attend event for much of its adolescent existence where it looks at the here and now, policy and reform and best and effective practice.  The 2021 edition follows the same compelling ingredients.

Last year, the national rating took place under the shadow of COVID.  As we move from that world to a new reality, we do so in a new shadow, that of the fundamental review of the rating system. Little can be said on the Review until its published (and we will bring you a dedicated event for that), but there is much for the 2021 rating day to focus upon:

  • Rating became a valuable means to provide financial support for a great number of businesses during the COVID crisis. Even now, circa 50% of the taxable base receive a business rate holiday. Some ratepayers may be able to claim a Material Change of Circumstances, others may not.  Where do your clients fall?
  • What are the building blocks for Reval 2023 and its AVD
  • What change with transition and multipliers?
  • Mitigation and empty rates
  • All change in VT hearings
  • The decisions from the VT, UT and Court of Appeal 

This year’s National Rating Day will focus both on Rating in the here and now: reform achieved to date or scheduled, Rating’s place in the wider UK basket of taxes and its importance to the safeguarding of our local communities, as well as discussions on what the short and medium term might have in store.

Our very own Alistair Townsend will be taking part in the ‘Mitigation of empty rates’ session taking place on the second day of the event. View event details >