Webinar: Expert tips for issuing completion notices: May 20 2021





Join our rating and valuation experts Alistair Townsend and Stephanie O’Neill in this complimentary webinar designed to give you a more thorough understanding of the intricacies around issuing completion notices.

About this webinar
There are numerous complexities involved when issuing completion notices and it is the responsibility of the Billing Authority to ensure properties are entered into the council tax banding or rating list correctly and expediently.

Join our rating and valuation experts Alistair Townsend and Stephanie O’Neill in this complimentary webinar designed to give you a more thorough understanding of the intricacies around issuing completion notices.

Please note this recording is free for all Local Authority professionals, but Rating Agents or Private Sector organisations will be charged £30 (exc VAT) to access the recording.

Providing an introduction to completion notices, Alistair will talk about the background and statutory provisions you need to be aware of. Covering a number of areas such as; ‘what do we mean by complete?’ and ‘how do we pinpoint who is liable to pay rates?’ this session is invaluable for Revenues and Rating practitioners responsible for income maximisation through taxation.

A key component of issuing a completion notice is knowing and understanding the factors you need to consider to arrive at a completion date and having done this on numerous occasions for and on behalf of Local Authority clients, Stephanie will provide some useful insights on this. Bringing a wealth of surveying experience, Stephanie will highlight the key industry terms you need to know and what they mean as well as identify the differences between substantial works and customary works.

The session will also highlight the process for serving a completion notice, ensuring it is valid and identify instances where a Completion Notice may need to be re-issued, using real world examples.

Similarly identifying when a building is complete and ready for occupation is a key step in the process and Billing Authorities need to be aware of this and how to deal with appeals if there is any dispute from ratepayers on the completion date served.

Why should you attend?
Getting a completion notice issued in the right time frame can mean the difference in thousands of pounds for Billing Authorities when it comes to revenues collections, our tried and tested approach will ensure Authorities can effectively maximise revenue in this area.

Join this webinar to;

  • Understand the factors you need to take into account when issuing a completion notice
  • Identify when a building is likely to be complete to minimise chances of appeals
  • Get access to top tips for getting completion notices issued as expediently as possible

*** This webinar is primarily for Revenues, Rating, Recovery, Income, Collections, Property, Valuation and Business Rates staff within UK local authorities and Wilks Head & Eve reserve the right to refuse registrations if necessary in order to protect commercial interests. ***

Alistair Townsend, Director, Wilks Head & Eve
Alistair is a National Council member of the IRRV and Senior Vice President. He is currently Law and Research Portfolio Holder and Policy & Resources Committee member. He is also immediate Past President of the East Midlands Association and a former examiner in Council Tax Law.

He has worked within Local Taxation, Revenues and Benefits throughout his career, initially working for a couple of Nottinghamshire Councils and latterly as Head of Revenues & Benefits for Milton Keynes Council.

After some 28 years working in Revenues and Benefits on an employed basis, Alistair established his own business as a consultant specialising in Local Taxation, Revenues & Benefits and local authority Debt Collection.

In addition to these activities, Alistair works for Wilks Head and Eve assisting in the development, management and client service aspects of the Revenues Assurance service. He provides much of the free client training and advice and ensures that the service continues to innovate and develop to meet the needs of its local authority clients.

Stephanie O’Neill, Partner, Wilks Head & Eve 
Stephanie joined the rating team in 2005 and is a Partner of Wilks Head and Eve. She is a key part of the rating team and is responsible for managing the rating team. She has a broad range of rating experience including negotiation on rating appeals on a range of property types, review of liability calculations and exemption reliefs.

Stephanie has also helped to successfully implement our rates retention services which we offer and has direct liaison with auditors and clients as well as experience in relation to income maximisation both through rating and rates retention.

Stephanie is a member of the IRRV.



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