COVID-19 – An update on MCC’s and Reliefs and exemptions

Covid-19 – Material Change in Circumstances
We have been reviewing the ever changing situation with the current pandemic to assess the impact that it is having – both in relation to the impact on Council owned properties and the impact of forecasting under rates retention.

For our Local Authority Estates clients we have not yet submitted challenges which we have 16 months to do, because we need to ensure that the evidence we submit within our challenges captures the full impact of the pandemic to ensure the best possible outcome in terms of temporary allowances to be applied.

In the course of preparing our challenge documents we will be in contact if information is required to support our Challenge submissions.

For our Local Authority Revenues/Finance teams, we are closely following developments and liaising with the VOA to ensure that our forecasting accurately reflects the likely outcome of large scale appeals.

Reliefs/Exemptions – Covid 19
The Government have tried to put in a range of measures to assist businesses during the current pandemic from the extension to the retail relief to grants including the most recent ‘Local Restrictions Support Grant’ to try to limit the financial impact that this situation is having.  Of course not every property/business is eligible for these and in particular Local Authorities have not been able to benefit from these.

We hope in particular for Local Authority properties that we can be successful on the material change in circumstances checks/challenges to provide some savings as a direct result of the current pandemic.